Monday, September 8, 2008

Twilight Tribute

Recently one of my good friends introduced me to a new book series called Twilight. When she gave me the first book she said, "this is the best substitute for Harry Potter I have found," and she was right.

Since finishing the Harry Potter series last year I hadn't really picked up another book with the same interest, but the Twilight was so entertaining I was immediately hooked! Little did I know that the Twilight series was hardly a new discovery. People were fanatical about it, and a movie was even coming out this fall.

I am now reading the third book, and when I heard about the movie I of course went straight to the web to see photos of the cast. Its always interesting to me to see the casting after first being introduced to a story through reading. One of the first things I noticed about the cast photos was the treatment that gave the vampires their beautiful non-human look. (oh did I mention Twilight is about vampires?) The vampires in the book are suppose to be really beautiful, cold and pale. The photos of the cast reflect this idea.

Last week I also stumbled upon a website for photo retouching that was super impressive. So, these two things inspired me to create some vampires of my own. I decided to use some extra photos from my Irving Penn series. Its amazing how different these photos can look with an entirely new digital treatment.

Below are images of what I think Brad, Kailan, and Caroline might look like, if they were adopted by the Cullen Family. :)