Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lake Day

It seems like this past week has been nonstop photos but it hasn't been all work. It's also been a lot of fun. Wednesday I got the opportunity to go to the lake with some of Brad's family and friends. When I was in high school wakeboarding was actually part of my normal summer routine but I haven't had the opportunity to go since my freshman year of college. I was nervous about being able to do it again. Luckily, it really was just like riding a bike. I got up, let them pull me around the lake for a while and let go before I ever came close to falling. I'm really not a risk taker when it comes to these type of sports. Even though I am a boring wakeboarder it was still really fun to try it again. At first I was totally intimidated and with good reason. Just look at what some of these guys can do!

Adam Cole getting some air on the wakeskate.

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