Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Movie Inspired Vintage Fashion

Remember when men were men, and women were glamorous?

Well I don't. You see, I grew up thinking stretch pants were stylish and my favorite t-shirt had the word BUM across the front. We had MC Hammer pants and jelly shoes. We tied flannel shirts around our waist - so unflattering! Even as I got into high school I can't remember one trend that jumps out to me as original or classy.

As I was preparing for a photo shoot this Saturday I Googled some old movies for inspiration. Old movie men make me swoon...and the women! - oh! ... They make me so jealous. What I wouldn't give for it to be socially acceptable to dress like this for a night out.

Even while I was wearing my jelly shoes in the 90's I still admired the old movie fashions. I watched Mary Poppins a hundred times as a kid. I still love it. One of my favorite scenes is where Mrs. Banks in the yellow dress puts on her charming periwinkle coat as she sings "Vote for Women!" Not a scene that sticks out to most people in Mary Poppins, but oh how I loved her yellow dress!

As for the men, Burt would look totally silly hanging out at the club, but in this scene he is absolutely dashing!

Even the child catcher had style!

And if you see me wearing something like this the next time I’m out and about, you’ll know I couldn’t resist my urge to dress like my old movie style icons much longer.


  1. A woman after my own heart! I alway wish that all that stuff would come back in style in my life time.