Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time Machine

Lately I have been getting a lot of comments on my driver’s license. Normally people don’t even look at your face when they ask to see your ID. They look at the birth date or just check if the name matches the credit card. Rarely are they careful enough to actually take a look at your face to make sure it’s you.

The person on my ID is not me. It's not just the face looking at you from my driver’s license that hardly resembles the person who owns it. There is an entirely new person in her place - a person with a little more self-confidence, new opinions, evolving philosophies on life.... and bangs.

This weekend I was carded buying a movie ticket to see the Hangover. I may look young on occasion, but it is hard to believe I look under 18. This made me laugh. As I headed over to the Mexican restaurant nearby (for pre-movie margaritas with friends,) I wondered if I should have rethought my attire for the evening.

Once I was at the restaurant I had a new perspective on being carded. Go ahead and card me for drinks. In fact, if you don’t, this makes me a little sad. When the server arrived I didn’t even have to worry because we were all carded as usual. Yet, when I was carded the server asked, “So you got rid of the long hair?”

“Well, sir… in that photo I am 19. Now I am 25, so... yes, I guess you can say I got rid of the long hair. Furthermore, am I that weird looking in the photo that you had to comment on my ID after carding the whole table?” Of course that is not actually what I said to him, but I did say a version of that to my friends. Then we immediately started to compare our IDs,

My favorite belonged to my friend who still has her 16-year-old self awkwardly smiling back at you. If I were our server, it would have been hard for me not to laugh after comparing her ID photo to the beautifully put together women at the table.

One thing I love about photographs is how they are the closest thing to a time machine that we can get. No matter what kind of photos it is, it has the power to take you back. I can look at a photo from years ago and still evoke that emotion. For this reason, I only carry one photo in my wallet. I keep it in there because no matter how much time has passed it always makes me laugh. It’s like having with you everywhere you go (you can’t look at it and be sad). I also can’t I look at it without evoking “rolling on the floor” kind of laughter. This is why photos are awesome.

The memory and the personal connection people have with photographs is why it is my favorite form of art.


  1. i love how all of your favorite photos have reese looking awkward :)

  2. This was interesting to read. I felt kinda down but elated at the same time. I am glad I'm around to make you laugh. And, you pretty much gave me the best compliment I've ever received. Thanks! :)