Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teaser: 3 new blogs coming soon!

I have been a part of some really amazing photo shoots lately and have been slacking on the blogging. So, here is a taste of what is to come.

First up is a preview from my photo shoot with Heather. I have yet to find something this girl is not good at. Lets add model to the list of musician, writer, and amazing person. Not to mention, this shoot was responsible for the most hilarious incident to ever happen to me on a photo shoot. It may or may not have involved law enforcement and a suicidal bride on the bridge.

Next, I decided to brave the waters of the Kern river to get some shots I have been dying to shoot. Yet, after realizing I was asking a lot for one of my beautiful models to wade in the muck, I stepped up to the plate. I was the model and two of my photographers from my wedding team shot the photos. My first modeling experience was interesting to say the least. Can't say I will be doing it again soon. I either cringe at the site of myself or get green with envy that there is absolutely no way I can take credit for the shot. I did however, add my own vintage processing style to complete my vision for the shoot... control freak I know! :) Oh and I realize this preview isn't even of me in the river so it looks like you will have to check back soon.

Last up, since I got my iphone I have been documenting a lot of random stuff I see. So, I am starting a new semi-weekly article to show off these random iphone images. Here is one from my week in iphone pictures that really made me laugh.

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