Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness and Karma

Today I said some really mean things to someone I really love. I'd like to say I didn't mean them, but sometimes words start flowing out of my mouth like water from a broken dam. Before I know it, I do my best to patch it up, but I can't put back what already got out.

So, for that reason I am feeling a little melancholy tonight, and what better to cheer me up than doing some random acts of kindness for other people. I made little note cards I will be sending out to future brides. I also put together a little photo package for the most polite bouncer I have ever met, Andre, who is the bouncer at Sandrini's on trivia nights. (my favorite night of the week!) One night I happen to have my camera and took a few photos for him so I am finally following through on my promise to bring him some prints.

I would also like to spread some link love and point you towards these hairpieces on Etsy. I recently stumbled across them during a webs surf session. These feathered and flowered creations are beautiful. Not only will you probably see me wearing one soon, I hope to center some photo shoot fashion around these gorgeous pieces.

Well, I hope that balanced out my karma for the day. I am assuming since I misdirected my anger, I can misdirect my kindness and everything will come around full circle. Or is that not how it works? :) 

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